Subclassing With Generics

My notes on Subclassing with generics

The Encrypt App

My notes on how you can create your own Cloud encryption app in a few minutes

Json And Dynamic Lookup

My notes on Dynamic member look up

Unit Test

My notes on unit testing in Xcode


My research on UserDefaults

Code Base Topology

My notes on source code topology


My notes on swizzling in swift

Nested Enum

My notes on nested enums and how you can use them to navigate UI

How To Pull Request On Github

My notes on how to make a Pull request’s on github

Think Research Plan Build

My notes on the TRPB methodology

Simple Button

Two approaches when making a button in swift for iOS, that isn’t an UIButton

Flow Layout

FlowLayout is a minimal starter-kit for making modern iOS apps

How To Launch On Product Hunt

My go to Product launch checkList

Github Collaboration

A mini book about collaborating on github

Hybrid Camera

My notes on the HybridCamera framework for iOS


My notes on an async iterator class.

Animating With Constraints

My notes on animating with constraints in swift

Advance Json Parsing Pt2

My notes on “Throw Oriented Code”, great for parsing spaghetti JSON

Advance Json Parsing Pt1

My notes on adding Codable support for classes such as UIColor and UIFont which doesn’t support Codable by default

Table View In Interface Builder

My notes on TableView in iOS for Interface builder

Using The Sketch App

My notes on the sketch app

Mac Status Bar App

My notes on making a status-bar-app

Local Frameworks

Sometimes you want to make an app that isn’t using SPM4

Swift Package Manager 4

My notes Swift Package Manager 4

Adding Icons To Xcode

My notes on how you can create and add an .icns to your xcode mac app project

Throwing Simple Errors

When do you write throws methods and when do you write methods that return optional. What makes you decide to go for throwing methods? I see some people on github write throwing methods everywhere and others use them less frequently.

Decodable Codable

My notes on Decodable and Encodable in swift

Git Tagging

My notes on tagging

Regex Replace With Closure

My notes on adding closure support to swifts RegEx class

The Ultimate Regex Guide In Swift

This is a reference overview to common RegEx patterns

Bundle Files In Xcode

My notes on bundling and reading files in an XCode project

Swift Style Guides

My notes on swift style guides

Prototyping In Playground

Prototyping UI/UX with XCode Playground and Animator


My notes on ForceTouch in macOS

The Holy Grail Of Swift Animation

My notes on user interruptible animation in swift

Hierarchical Spatial Algorithm

An algorithm that positions tree structured data items as an inverted tree. Originally written in swift

Complex Json In Swift

My notes on parsing complex json in swift

Dispatch Group

My notes on DispatchGroup

Associated Types

Notes on associatedtype

Mosby Swift

Notes on mosby in swift

Gesture Hud

Notes on GestureHUD

Pop Vs Oop

I always felt OOP was far superior to POP. On the premise that JavaScript used POP because they never got far enough to implement true OOP. Ref Dart which is JS w/ OOP but hasn’t caught on. value types doesn’t have OOP inheritance. So they have to use POP. Functional programming uses POP. Multithreaded apps favour value types because they are easier to work with when designing multiprocessor apps. CPU’s are not getting faster anytime soon, so we have to use many processors to achieve speed gains. Enter POP. Swift makes POP easier to do with it’s extension system, which can be thought of as a sort of light version of code injection.

Protocol Inheritance

My notes on Protocol Inheritance

Protocol Ambiguity

How to differentiate protocol ambiguity

Appcode First Impressions

My preliminary notes on AppCode

Swift 3 Threading

Launching multiple tasks in the background and returning the result as they arrive in an orderly fashion:

The Ultimate Xcode Workflow

Spend zero time managing dependencies

Faster Xcode With Spm

How you can speed up compile times in XCode with Swift Package Manager

Spm And Ci Travis

My notes on Swift PM + CI Travis

Spm And Nested Frameworks

My notes on Swift package manager + XCode + Nested frameworks