My Top Swift Ui Tips

My top swiftUI tips and tricks

Swift Tricks

Some of my favourite swift tricks

Spm In Swiftui

My notes on using swift-package-manager in swiftui

Navigationsplitview In Swiftui

My notes on multi column apps in swiftui

Actor In Swift

My notes on using an actor in swift

Xcode Hacks In Swiftui

Xcode hacks in swiftUI

Button In Swiftui

My notes on buttons in swiftUI

Sheet In Swiftui

My notes on sheets in swiftUI

Alert In Swiftui

My notes on alert for SwiftUI

Multi Os For Swiftui

Hybrid os code in swiftUI

List In Swiftui

Notes on list in SwiftUI

Animating In Swiftui

Notes on animating in swiftui

View Modifier For Swiftui

Notes on view modifiers in swiftUI

Data Flow In Swiftui

My notes on data-flow in swiftui

View Swift Ui

My notes on view for swiftui

Navigation Link Swift Ui

My notes on navigation link for swift ui (NavigationStack)

Navigation Bar Swiftui

My notes on navigationbar for swift-ui

App Store Gotchas

My notes on adding apps to Apple app store

Core Data

Notes on core data


My notes on keypath

Setting Up Testflight

My notes on testflight

Bundle Id

These are my notes on bundle ID.

App Version Best Practice

These are my notes on app versioning.

App Release Notes

My notes on release notes

Using Google Anaytics

My notes on Google Analytics

Onboarding Best Practice

My notes on onboarding

The Art Of Automating Qa

My notes on automating quality assurance

Prototyping With Local Packages

These are my notes on prototyping with local Swift packages

Sub Module

Notes on submodules

Cleaning Up Git Repos

Notes on git cleaning

Diffable Collection View For Macos

Notes on NSDiffableSource + NSCollectionview

Xcode Work Space

Notes on xcode workspace

Local Spm Dep

My notes on using local SPM packages

Swift Doc Formating

My notes on method commenting in swift

Diffable Uitableview

Diffable table

Nstextview autolayout

My notes on Autolayout and NSTextView / UITextview

Custom Nav Controller

My notes on customizing the native UINavigationController

Custom Tab Bar

My notes on customizing UITabBar

Custom Navbar

My notes on customising UINavigationBar

Custom Uiviewcontroller Hierarchy

My notes on creating a custom tab bar in swift

Prototyping In Swift

My notes on prototyping applications in swift

Async Unit Testing

My notes on async unit testing

My Top Unit Testing Posts

My top unit testing posts

My Top Autolayout Posts

My AutoLayout related posts

Custom Queues In Swift

My notes on making a queue in swift

My Top Swift Framework Posts

My notes on different xCode framework workflows

My Top Json Posts

Overview of my json related posts

Design Pattern Overview

Overview of use-full design patterns:

Naming Conventions In Code

My notes on Code naming conventions

My Top Concurrency Posts

My notes on queuing tasks up and making things concurrent in swift