Xcode work space

Notes on xcode workspace


  • To add an existing xCode projects to a workspace, drag the .xcodeproj file into the workspace
  • To add a new xCode project, select the workspace in the project creation session
  • local packages can be dragged in to xCode targets, drag the entire package folder (⚠️️ Remember to add the frameworks under the general pan as well or you will get a module not found warning etc ⚠️️)
  • iOS and MacOS xCode projects can live on their own outside a workspace
  • Using a workspace is a great way to debug iOS and MacOS apps at the same time. something that otherwise can be impossible if they relay on the same package etc
  • It is still posible to load projects from the normal xcode project scope even if you use a workspace

Testing and extensions

  • Unit and UITests can be placed in a workspace
  • App extensions can also be placed in a workspace