Enumerating Cg Path

Research on Parsing CGPath


Sorting things in swift

Live Edit

In its simplest form you click a button and it loads a css and recursively calls setSkin on the UI.

Encode Decode

Encoding and decoding of text

Shell Testing

Some shell research

Singleton In Swift

Examples of singletons

class SingletonA {
    static let sharedInstance = SingletonA()
    init() {

class TheOneAndOnlyKraken {
    static let sharedInstance = TheOneAndOnlyKraken()
    private init() {} //This prevents others from using the default '()' initializer for this class.
	func test(){
		print("hello world")

let singleton = TheOneAndOnlyKraken.sharedInstance

Another singleton example:

// Creating our Singleton

class Manager {
    // Declare our 'sharedI' property
    static let shared = SomeManager()

    // Set an initializer -
    // it will only be called once
    init() {
        print("SomeManager initialized")

    // Add a test function
    func doSth() {
        print("I'm doing something")

// The 'init' function will
// only be called the first time


CVDisplayLink is a timer object that allows your application to synchronize its drawing to the refresh rate of the display. ==It’s highly useful when you want to combine animation with user interactions==, something that is not easily handled by transitions or stock animations.

Core Animation

My Research-notes on core animation

The Event System

A simple event system that propagates events through hierarchical classes

Gesture Research

Notes on gestures

Hit Testing Sub Views

Researching hit-testing of sub views

Asserting Class And Protocol

Great method that asserts if an instance is of a class type or of a protocol type

Chromeless Window

Customize a window with any design and behavior, everything is also animatable.

My Jekyll Workflow

As a programmer I sort and collect a lot of research, my problem has always been were do I store all this research?

Calayer Implicit Animation

My notes on implicit animation

Swift Regex Has No Conditional Backref

When you want to assert if a digit is a digit i used to use a simple conditional back referencing pattern.

Graphic Framework For Osx

A graphics framework built on Quartz

Dynamic Instance Creation

NOTE: it does require that each class extends the same protocol and that they have similar init method

Equality Between Protocols

Drop this in playground and your on your way:

Extracting Rgba Values From Nscolor

Extracting RGBA values from NSColor

Casting Arrays

**Casting Array to Array**

Printable Classes

This is a great way to add context to “data container classes” as it is then easy to debug all the variables in the instance

Equatable Protocol

My notes on the Equatable protocol in swift

Selectors In Swift

Hand Cursor On Hover

Drop this code into any subclass of NSView, to enable the hand cursor

Pure Swift Implementation Of Comparing Types

Dynamic Class Types In Swift

Here is a pure swift implementation of dynamic class types. It does require the classes to extend the same protocol.

Swift Doesn't Do Named Capturing Groups In Regexp

But if you combine a swift enum with RegExp matches and add ($n ) to your capture groups you can simulate named capturing groups.

A Better Drawing Routine For Quartz

In order to support GradientLine it was necessary to go all the way down to the core , namely Quartz which is part of CoreGraphics. So currently implementing a routine to support GradientLine Directly.

Drawing A Gradient Line In Osx

There are a couple of ways to do it

Swift Event Research

Delegation vs NsNotificationCenter vs Custom Event system