The fluid work methodology

Fluid is a work methodology that makes work fun and efficient.

The problem with conveyer-belt ticket systems like kanban is that it makes work very conformed. Efficient work needs room for spontaneity, going off beat. Breathing, aka work happiness. Conformity leads to depression, stress, bad culture, and poor results. Fluidity more often than not leads to frog-leaped results.


But business is expensive, time is limited and as such things can’t flow entirely freely

Fluid solves this by asking the employee to set constraints. Which constraints is up to the employee. One of the best constraints is to create a sense of mission. How fast can you run around the house? Now the employee will find a way forward. Disregarding time wasters. Jumping fences. Staying up a bit later, moving deep work into focus hours of the day. Saying no to irrelevant meetings. Doing no-brainers in the non core hours of the day. In the end the goal is usually almost reached. It’s good enough. But ready for stage 2. Also you didn’t waste time on perfection. Since perfection is not efficient. Which was the goal in the first place. Good enough is Also another Great constraint. Also when employees can design their own missions they get a sense of responsibility, they want to champion their cause, prove their excellence, attributes often lost in never ending kanban ticket systems. Who wants to live in rigorous quagmire todo-lists that someone else enforces on you anyways? Autonomy for the win!

Most missions can and should be achievable in two weeks. It seems to be the sweet spot.

Conclusion: Give your employees the opportunity to do the best work of their life. That doesn’t happen with conveyer-belt mentality taking over the work culture all over the world, see dark agile

Final note:

This is how I personally run a 2 week mission with the TRPB system. When you have sufficient allocation of time you also get the luxury of dividing the project into proper phases, discovery, planing, execution. Which enables you to wrap up missions on time and with high quality results.