My notes on hiring

When you are hiring developers, it is wise to test for 2 things. Whether they can think divergently and also convergently. Divergent: solve tasks where you have to think abstractly and be creative. And convergent: Solve specific tasks after the divergent process has concluded. Tasks that are straight forward and you only have to execute and solve one thing after another until it concludes. Often problems are divergent in the beginning, and convergent after you have done research and come up with a solution / a kind of plan / recipe that should only be performed. The best developers are good at both of these things. But are like rainbow unicorns. Hard to find and hard to keep 😬

If there are very specific tasks, is it possible to work with people remotely? If you are going to get more money it is very wise to have developers with weight, look good on the Pitch deck etc. If they have worked in microsoft, sopra-steria, google etc. IF you are going to hire from foreign dev companies I would check if they do open source etc. If they do they have a good culture, western culture etc. which is important, otherwise it will be very top down culture and code that isnt as good. I do not know these folks personally but came across them this week: https://www.netguru.com and on github: https://github.com/netguru