Modern work

My notes on modern work culture

Building blocks of work

  1. Problem (pay to get problem solved)
  2. Task (Problems are solved by doing a series of tasks)
  3. Skill (Tasks are performed by using a set of skills)

Work is being affected by the twin juggernauts of automation and globalization

The organization

  • Problems to be solved
  • Tasks to solve problems
  • Skills to perform tasks

Does your team have the skills and knowledge to perform thous tasks to solve thous problems, at the level you need them to be performed. Within the time constraints budget / resources / mandate allows?

Using this lense helps you distill down to the basic building block of your team. And it can help you understand your teams contributions to the overall organization.


As we progress into the future. Knowledges will be less important, as you will be able to learn them just in time. Transferable skills and self-management skills will be more important. As such the workers with highly trained skillsets will be less desirable against the highly adaptable worker with a proven track record of problem solving as such, look for workers with transferable skillsets, as they will prove far more useful in a dynamic and fast changing work environment.


  1. Knowledges (narrow area of expertise)
  2. Transferable skills (applicable to many areas, general problem solving skills, analytical)
  3. Self-management skills (traits that impact your work, being on time, completing tasks, polish)


  1. what you know
  2. What you do
  3. How you do it

Solving problems

In order to keep the future workforce engaged you need to empower individuals to design their own work.

Convergent vs divergent problem solving

  • Most test for only convergent problem-solving (Multiple choice questions requiring convergent thinking)
  • You should test for divergent problem-solving, because half the time, this were the real value lies
  • The convergent thinkers are too focused with selecting the best answer that they fail to appropriately evaluate minority opinion and could end up dismissing accurate solutions.

Dynamic scaling up and down to changing requirements

  • Description of work requirements (Specking becomes the corner stone of assignments)
  • Network of relation-ships
  • Rapid vetting process
  • Speedy onboarding process
  • Fast separation process