Exposure to the problem

The more exposure you have, the easier the problem is to crack

Abstract problem

Enigmatic problem solving. Requires an open mind, a mind where you are able to test seemingly irrational ideas. Can sometimes be referred to a dynamic game. Or a creative challenge. Imagine trying to write a poem, Or a fictional novel. The bounds are unknown to the creator. The correct answer doesn’t exist, there can be infinite correct answers, but some are often far more correct than others.

Concrete problem

Defined, confined, the rules are known, often the bounds are known or fixed. There is often only one right answer. Solving a chess riddle is a concrete problem. Or Writing a bubble sort method in code.


Regardless if the challenge is abstract or concrete. Dynamic or static. Or even a combination of the two. The one common tool you can apply to both is to expose your self to them. It’s as simple as that. And that doesn’t mean you should sit in long stretches to solve them. Take a stab at the problem. Then let it rest. Try again the next day with a fresh mind and clues from your first attempt. Rinse repeat. You can also apply a framework I call TRPB to the problem to make things easier and more systematic Think research plan build