24 hour sprints

My notes on doing 24-hour lightning sprints

Explore problems

Sit down and thinking individually about problems that interest you. 1h

Pick the problems you like

Write a sentence or two about the problem. Make around 10 problem statements

Finding blockers fast

  • I think in any innovation there is blockers. I think the important part is to as early as possible figure out the severity of how serious they are.
  • Some blockers you can overcome, others are blockers that leave your product dead in the water.
  • In 24 hours you don’t get to explore all blockers, you have to use guesstimation and ignore some of them a bit or else you get no where. But add them to the project risk assesment section. I guess that’s why 24 sprints are great. At leat you didn’t waste more than 24h

Things to think about in your pitch deck:

  • Cost benefit suggest great use of time
  • Great applications are easy to read and understand the key points
  • Weak applications obfuscate everything, what the idea is, who is working on it, how it works, whats the state of company
  • Clarity of thought
  • Who is building it?