The encrypt app

My notes on how you can create your own Cloud encryption app in a few minutes

  1. Start automator (applications -> utils- >
  2. File -> new application (Or choose Application if the Wizard pops up)
  3. Find the New disk image (Use the search filed to locate)
  4. Set size: size fits content
  5. Check the Encrypt Button
  6. Save as: temp (The files will be named temp1.dmg temp2.dmg etc)
  7. When done: unmount and return file
  8. In: Choose your dropbox folder, (Download the dropbox app from if you don’t have this)
  9. File -> save as:
  10. Drag the to the finder top-bar, while you press option+cmd (This way its always available) Drag files / folders on to the icon when you want to Encrypt and upload.

If you don’t want to be bothered with dragging files around, add get finder items before new disk image (This way you can select the files you want and press the encrypt icon)

Do make strong passwords. use CAPITALISED letters , Numbers, special characters. Sentences and words are easier to brute force with a dictionary. The longer the password the harder it is to brute force.

Whats the point? One component that other encryption apps are lacking is transparency. This app is built by you so there is no way to sneak in a backdoor or worse, a trojan. Stay safe out there 🎭