How to launch on product hunt

My go to Product launch checkList.

Product launch checkList:

  1. briefly introduce why you made the product and what problem it’s solving (no PR BS). This will be my init comment As the “Hunter” aka why I hunted this product.

  2. Name of product

  3. Tagline (couple of words)

  4. link to product-landing-page and app-store url

  5. Front-page thumbnail: 600 x 600px or bigger. (max 3mb) A looping Gif-anim is popular. (Link to file or file)

  6. Video of product (youtube link to file or file) Pictures of product (landscape) (link or file)

  7. Make sure you have a personal account at PH so I can add you as maker. You get comment rights with Maker status, and 3 invites that also has comment rights.

  8. Make a comment on your PH product site asap after launch. Pitch your product. Be brief.

  9. What time do you want to launch? (It’s smart not to be the first but starting early is good) Ideally: 12am-02am PST


?ref=producthunt is appended to product url. So you can add special deal etc.

Tell people that your on product hunt the day of the launch. newsletter, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, email, co workers. Tell people to check out your PH hunt. If you ask for votes you will be kicked out. PH has eyes and ears everywhere so avoid this. Try to get an initial crowd going early in the day. When you have momentum spread the word on an interval through out the day. Each PH day starts at 12:00 PST. To stay on the front page you need an initial burst of visits and then at steady rate after that. Sometimes after the first jolt the network effect may kick in.

Additional information:

Medium article about launching best practices

Google: “how to succeed on producthunt”