Using the sketch app

My notes on the sketch app.

Finding vector icons:


  • Sketch is 99$. And you get 1 year of updates. after that its still works but no more updates. It’s a fair deal. Its perfect for logo’s and GUI mockups. You can quickly create a GUI mockup with some rectangles and spiffy colors. No need to use fancy complicated iOS templates. Illustrator is IMO very good except that adobe bloats your computer with all sorts of addons.
  • Sketch has something called: Shared Layer Styles. Which basically lets you syncronize colors. Change 1 color and the other change with it.


The workflow: help -> export -> svg/pdf/png

Gif animation:

  • Quicktime for screen recording
  • Drop2Gif to convert quicktime to .gif (It’s open-source) (or Gifski)

Writing whitepapers:

  • Atom has markdown render and can save that markdown to .html Then use safari to save pdf from the html. (VSCode now)


  • Find and replace color: Select a shape with a color and replace that color globally.

Making a pitch:

  • Use the size of your computer as artboard size 1440x900 (x2 if retina is needed)
  • Create multiple artboards with content and select them all
  • File -> Export artboards to pdf 🎉