Enter flow

On Entering flow


I Don’t try to work hard or work as much as I can , I rather try to Enter Flow as many times as possible throughout the day.

Mini breaks helps to retain the flow highs. ☝️

I do not believe in systems to keep you in check, all systems are prisons. I rather believe that I need to be open to all input, wims i get through the day. Keep your door open to the world or you will work on sightly the wrong thing. <-link I have two rules: Wear Noice cancelling headphones.🎧

And Don’t waste your flow time on things that don’t require flow. ☝️

A random day:

  • 09:00 Rise n Shine ⏰
  • 09:10 Enter flow πŸ’― . Mind is peak
  • 10:30 Shower - energize ⚑
  • 10:45 Enter flow πŸ’―- Mind is glowing
  • 11:30 Eat breakfast πŸ₯
  • 11:40 Enter flow πŸ’― - minds is Amp’ed
  • 13:30 Eat lunch - Fruits n Nuts πŸ“
  • 13:45 Enter flow πŸ’― - Mind is Amp’ed 2
  • 15:00 Play with football in garden + fruit (brain needs o2)
  • 15:15 Enter flow πŸ’― - mind is Amp’ed 3
  • 16:00 Make a fruit juice. 🍏
  • 16:10 Enter flow πŸ’― - mind is reenergized.
  • 17:30 Make Italian pizza πŸ•
  • 18:00 Coffee and Flow - mind is at peace. β˜•
  • 20:00 Fruits 🍊
  • 20:10 Enter flow πŸ’―
  • 21:30 Overflow - lite tasks / review / Think πŸ€”
  • 22:30 Shower - Need a final re-energizer ⚑
  • 22:45 Enter Flow πŸ’― - Boost mode
  • 23:55 Continue on to get ahead of the next day or netflix? πŸ“Ί
  • 02:00 zZzzzzzz πŸ›Œ

Final word:

Flows last usually around 1 H or less. The same reason why school hours are counted as 45Min. They πŸ‘€ knew about flow back-when as well. In truth I don’t work more than 8H (8*πŸ’―). I just spread it out over 17Hours so that I peak more often, rather than try and peak 8 times inside 8 hours which is impossible. You only get max 3-4 peaks inside 8 hours. Regular office hours.