Sub Module

Notes on submodules

My Top General Advice Posts

My top general advice posts

Swift Tricks

Some of my favourite swift tricks

Local Spm Dep

My notes on using local SPM packages

Designing Ui Architecture

My notes on UI architecture

Custom Tab Bar

My notes on customizing UITabBar

Async Unit Testing

My notes on async unit testing

My Top Unit Testing Posts

My top unit testing posts

My Top Autolayout Posts

My AutoLayout related posts

Custom Queues In Swift

My notes on making a queue in swift

My Top Swift Framework Posts

My notes on different xCode framework workflows

My Top Json Posts

Overview of my json related posts

Design Pattern Overview

Overview of use-full design patterns:

Naming Conventions In Code

My notes on Code naming conventions

Dispatchqueue In Swift

My notes on DispatchQueue in swift

Concurrency In Swift

My notes on queuing tasks up and making things concurrent in swift

My Top Software Structure Posts

My top software structure posts

Nsoperationqueue In Swift

My notes on queuing things with NSOperationQueue in swift

Reducing Complexity

My notes on complexity

Overseas Working Routines

Overseas collaboration routines when working freelance for NYC tech companies

The Art Of Simplicity

The art of simplicity

Jtbd Vs Personas

My notes on JTBD vs Personas

Responsive Autolayout

My notes on making responsive layouts with auto-layout

Assets In Spm

Add assets to SPM

Swift Lint

Notes on swift lint

Https Github Pages Namecheap

Notes on enabling https in github-pages and namecheap

Rewrite Often

Rewriting your code-base from scratch every now and then is a good investment

Making A Landing Page From Scratch

For me it’s hard to use something exciting and trying to customize it. When something has matured, it’s hard to wrangle it to be something else. Unless the changes are miniscule. They often are not. Building something from scratch is sort of easier, because you can always start with simple bricks and a state that is pristine and has no legacy and things to worry about. But what do you start with?

The Art Of Coding Fast And Slow

Inspired by the book “Thinking fast and slow”

The Fluid Work Methodology

Fluid is a work methodology that makes work fun and efficient.

Making A Product Website

My notes on building a product website


My notes on hiring

Startup Filters

My notes on the different levels of a startup journey

User Testing Best Practices

Even just writing a user-test-survey, can make you aware of key insights into how your product should work.

Fleeting Device Workflow

Fleeting device

I’m in the process of simplifying the hell out of my life. It was really simple before. but now i’m going total zen. Clean computer / phone, no apps, no folders full of files etc. Just total reset. And just move all my old files to backup disks if I need it. So I can focus on research without all the baggage. Also be open to new things.

The Importance Of Project Scope

We all do this. We come up with this awesome idea that we want to build and can’t wait to build it. Then a while later we lose interest and the idea doesn’t look so good anymore. Or we get tired and drained and other priorities come up.

Research Equilibrium

A story about reaching peak research.

Universal Xcode And Terminal Unit Test

My notes on making unit tests that works in xCode and terminal

The Art Of Saying No

If people say no, please don’t stigmatise them 🙏

Git Lfs

Notes on git lfs

10 Reasons To Write Unit Tests In Xcode

My notes on why we should write unit tests

Performance Swift

My notes on performance in swift

How To Use Spm With Optimization

My notes on performance regarding swift package manager tests

How To Turn On Xcode Optimizations

My notes on xcode optimizations

How To Measuring Performance In Swift

My notes on measuring cpu performance in swift code

The Rock Pebble And The Sand

My notes on product development “Rock, Pebble, Sand” -style

How To Do Concurrency In Swift

My notes on distributing tasks to multiple cpu cores

Evolution Of Projects

My notes on evolution of projects as it progresses over time

Modern Work

My notes on modern work culture

Exposure To The Problem

The more exposure you have, the easier the problem is to crack