Fleeting Device Workflow

Fleeting device

I’m in the process of simplifying the hell out of my life. It was really simple before. but now i’m going total zen. Clean computer / phone, no apps, no folders full of files etc. Just total reset. And just move all my old files to backup disks if I need it. So I can focus on research without all the baggage. Also be open to new things.

The Importance Of Project Scope

We all do this. We come up with this awesome idea that we want to build and can’t wait to build it. Then a while later we lose interest and the idea doesn’t look so good anymore. Or we get tired and drained and other priorities come up.

Research Equilibrium

A story about reaching peak research.

Universal Xcode And Terminal Unit Test

My notes on making unit tests that works for XCode and terminal

The Art Of Saying No

If people say no, please don’t stigmatise them 🙏

Git Lfs

Notes on git lfs

Swift Tricks

Some of my favourite swift tricks

How To Use Spm With Optimization

My notes on performance regarding swift package manager tests

How To Turn On Xcode Optimizations

My notes on xcode optimizations

How To Measuring Performance In Swift

My notes on measuring cpu performance in swift code

The Rock Pebble And The Sand

My notes on product development “Rock, Pebble, Sand” -style

How To Do Concurrency In Swift

My notes on distributing tasks to multiple cpu cores

Exposure To The Problem

The more exposure you have, the easier the problem is to crack

How To Present On Google Hangout

My notes on how to present on google meet / hangout

Slack X Github

My notes on adding github repo or organisation activities to a slack channel

Github Actions Ios Project

My notes on github actions and iOS xcode project


Notes made while researching various ways to do darkmode in iOS

Responsive Landing Page

My notes on how to make a responsive landing page.

Secure Enclave And Keychain

My notes on secure enclave and KeyChain

Face Id And Touch Id

My notes on Face ID and Touch ID in swift

Publishing To Github

My notes on making a git project from your mac

Starting A Company In Norway

My notes on starting a business in Norway

Export Sketch Artboards To Pdf

My notes on how to export sketch artboards to pdf

Think About Problems Before You Code

My notes regarding thinking about the problem before you start coding

Jekyll And Markdown Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to make a Jekyll + Markdown website and host it for free on github

1 2 3 Documentation

My notes on writing method step documentation

24 Hour Sprints

My notes on doing 24-hour lightning sprints

How To Include Assets With Swift Package Manager

My notes on using bundle assets with SPM

Repo Check List

My check-list when creating a Swift module / framework / project

Concurrent Perform

My notes on Parallel Execution

Spm And Github Action

My notes on using swift package manager and Github actions together

Spm Gotchas

My notes on SPM

Extensions In Seperate Files

My notes on splitting up projects into extensions

Reducing Code Complexity

My notes on reducing complexity in swift architectures.


My notes on NSCache


My notes on semaphores


My notes on NSOperation

Dispatch Work Item

My notes on DispatchWorkItem

Debounce Method Calls

My note on debouncing method calls

Swift Architectures

My notes on different swift architectures

Static Methods

My notes on static methods

Ci Travis For Ios

My notes on how to setup CI travis with a iOS project

Result Type Tricks

My notes on the Swift Result type

Making Sketch Assets For Xcode

My notes on using sketch to make vector graphics for xCode projects

Framework Workflows

My notes on different framework workflows


My notes on substring

Parsing Hierarchy

My notes on parsing a data hierarchy.


My notes on adding localization to an iOS app

Clean Xcode

My notes when you need to nuke xcode

Ui Testing Framework

My notes on setting up a UI-testing-framework