10 reasons to write unit tests in xcode

My notes on why we should write unit tests

10 Reasons to Write Unit Tests

  • 🐞 Tests Reduce Bugs in New Features.
  • 🐛 Tests Reduce Bugs in Existing Features.
  • 📚 Tests Are Good Documentation. A concise code example is better than many paragraphs of documentation.
  • 💰 Tests Reduce the Cost of Change
  • 🎨 Tests Improve Design
  • 🔧 Tests Allow Refactoring
  • 🗜 Tests Constrain Features
  • 🛡 Tests Defend Against Other Programmers
  • 🐌 Testing Forces You to Slow Down and Think
  • 🧘 Tests Reduce Fear: One of the biggest fears that programmers encounter is making a change to a piece of code and not knowing what is going to break