How to present on google hangout

My notes on how to present a presentation on google meet


  1. You want to present a presentation over google meet
  2. And you want to be able to place the macbook anywhere in the room
  3. Because you want the macbook to see you and your team-mates
  4. The problem is then how do you flick through the slides, your macbook is not within reach


  1. Iphone with google slides
  2. macbook with chrome browser
  3. on your iphone select the present button and insert the meeting code
  4. on your macbook just click the meeting link


  1. You are now able to put the macbook where-ever you want
  2. And use the iPhone as a remote to flick among the slides


If your presenting from something else like a pdf

  • Add the iPhone or iPad to the google meet call.
  • tap the share screen button in the google meet app / gmail app
  • Now the audience can see your entire iPhone or iPad screen