Jekyll and markdown tutorial

This tutorial describes how to make a Jekyll + Markdown website and host it for free on github

Table of content:

The problem

  • There are a lot of awesome web-tech out there. But often they are overkill
  • Fancy sites are expensive to maintain and un-secure because of complexity
  • One click websites, are easy to setup, but often hard/expensive to customise.
  • Custom websites often struggle when traffic spikes, during a product launch etc.

The solution

  • Make something that is free
  • Make something that is 100% secure
  • Make something that can be maintained/upgraded cheaply
  • Handles traffic spikes with-out hick-ups


Get started

  1. Sign up for hosting: github (Free)
  2. Sign up for domain: Namecheap (Optional step)
  3. Customize your design in sketch (30-day-free) and add Icons from Nounproject
  4. Fork the custom Lightstream theme or Buy one:
  5. Add your domain to your site how to setup config in 30sec and Setup DNS


Add content


Add services