Github repo check list

My check-list when creating a Swift module / framework / project

  • Create repo on
  • Download repo via github desktop
  • Create SPM package terminal: swift package init SPM gotchas
  • Create XCode project
  • Add Swift-lint
  • Add Unit test (Optional)
  • Check if tests pass locally: terminal: swift test or builds terminal: swift build
  • Add CI tests: GitHub Actions
  • Add a cronjob schedule for the CITest via
  • Add instructions on how to use the framework and CI badges in the repo
  • Add CodeBeat code healthy badge to the repo

Schedule cron builds on github:

The nice thing with cron jobs is if you have nested dependencies, the build badges higher up will start to go red if the sub-modules they relay on start to break down.

    - master
  - cron: "0 18 * * 0-6"

Github action badge syntax:

[![Github actions badge](](

Github actions badge

Compact checklist (easy to add as a todo-list etc)

And after this list you can start adding things you want the project to be.

- Make Github repo
- Make SPM Package
- Make XCode project
- Add linter
- Add unit-test
- Add Github-Actions
- Edit

Reach goals:

  • Add Automated code-reviews based on AI
  • Add automated UITests
  • Add code coverage services like codacy codeclimate etc