Automating app store screenshots

My notes on automating screenshots for the app store.

The quality on an app’s screenshot is fundamental in the decision of buying/downloading on the AppStore.


  1. Download and install Fastlane Snapshot for terminal:
  2. Install brew: (Needed for imagemagick)
  3. Install imagemagick Terminal: brew install imagemagick (Need for FrameIt )
  4. Install frameIt: fastlane frameit


  1. Add the Snapfile to the project root folder
  2. Terminal: fastlane snapshot
  3. Terminal: fastlane frameit download_frames
  4. Terminal: fastlane framit or fastlane frameit silver if you want the white iPhone bezel
  5. Configure the Frameit.conf file. Use the MindNode example from the resource paragraph
  6. Set the titles to match the .png names in title.strings and keywords.strings (⚠️️ Edit these .strings files in XCode ⚠️️)


  • To create multiline titles use the newline: \n character


  • To reset all simulators: Terminal: fastlane snapshot reset_simulators