Modular programming

My notes on modular programming

“And you can easily swap blocks. Want a new camera in the app? change the camera framework, api remains more or less the same”


  • Modular: single ‘responsibility’.
  • monolith: tightly coupled
  • abstract systems into manageable layers

Benefits of modular programming:

  • Speed of implementing new stuff,
  • Modularity and easily change components of the app,
  • Scalability of the team, easier to find it’s way around, make programmers happy
  • Modules are reusable across projects
  • Each one have a independent test app, tests (and repo of course)
  • Carthage, new functionality goes into a framework. For instance if you make a new password strength checker -> own framework
  • Keeping time-saving-extensions in classes makes them prone to becoming out of sync with other parts of the code
  • Many modern apps often have 20-40 internal .framework dependencies

Nails monolith vs modular: